Thursday, February 24, 2011

1st Story Trade at Cambridge Historical Society 

                                      by Norah Dooley of massmouth

(left) In the 70s and 80s this participant was a bartender at Ryles. She had great stories
Last night Andrea Lovett and I facilitated our first StoryTrade.  FOOD FOR THOUGHT: A STORIED WALK DOWN CAMBRIDGE'S CULINARY LANES PAST AND PRESENT.

We met at the The Hooper-Lee-Nichols House 159 Brattle St., Cambridge, MA  but we traveled in story time and moved from Zum-Zums to Grendls, to the WurstHaus, to the Spaghetti Factory, to Chez Jean's and the Tavern on the Square. We heard stories that ranged from poignantly personal to luscious reminiscences of food  found, bought, prepared, shared, served and savored in Cambridge. We spoke of food foraged and who cooked and ate what during the Blizzard of 1978. We heard about neighbors' recipes and neighborhood traditions.

Thanks to Gavin Kleespies and the Cambridge Historical Society for gracious hosting and the National Storytelling Network (NSN)  for their funding of this exciting initiative.  Daryl Mark said, "It was a thoroughly enjoyable time and I think that everyone left full of memories and stories to share."

StoryTrades are small gatherings, facilitated by a professional storyteller, in which participants share memories focused on a theme that is important to them and the host group. By coming together and sharing stories in a group, we hope to improve our own stories and learn more about the process of telling stories and share some of Cambridge’s culture.
CHS director, Gavin Kleespies listens as a participant shares her story

Andrea Lovett( right) and Norah Dooley (4th from right) from masssmouth
One participant ( below)  told about serving potato leek soup to Julia Child and she brought a photo of that exact moment in time. She was a volunteer at WGBH at the time and had enjoyed cooking potato leek soup from Julia Child's cookbook for her family for years so it was a moment of genuine connection for her.
Regina shared her great story about cooking for Julia Child.

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