Saturday, June 2, 2012


Gretchen helps us take down our sidewalls
There we were this morning, Daryl Mark, Joan Stern, David Nelson, and Jo Radner, wading through the puddles in our Wellingtons and Tevas, trying to put up banners and side walls in the tent that would be the (exceptionally well-named!) StoryStream Tent at the Cambridge River Festival.

We had saved the one dry spot -- in the very middle of the tent -- for our intrepid CCTV videographer Simon, who arrived and cheerfully helped us anchor the sidewalls and banners with rocks Jo had brought in a bucket from Maine.  Gretchen Ruppert-Allen, artist for our recycling program, arrived and plunged in to help us tame the billowing walls.  David Nelson, who had volunteered to be our sound tech, was marveling at the challenge of setting up a sound system with no supply of electricity.  (The rest of us were wondering about electrocution, if wires were going to be laid in the puddles.)

Just when we were all thoroughly wet, the announcement came from the Commonwealth:  THE RIVER FESTIVAL HAS BEEN CANCELLED!  And it's official:
The Department of Conservation & Recreation along with the Cambridge Arts Council have decided to cancel the Cambridge River Festival due to severe weather conditions, concerns for public safety and possible flooding at stages. There is no rain date for the event.

It's all undone now.  We have tried to reach all the generous volunteers, performers and presenters, and we want them to know how VERY grateful we are, and how terribly disappointed.

BUT: There's next year.  And we have some terrific programs, all planned.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Dear Jo,

    I am so very sad to read your account of a day that should have brought sunshine to many.Even though the weather silenced your work, your voice and the voices of so many involved in this amazing project will be remembered.