About StoryStream

StoryStream Cambridge -- An ongoing, city-wide celebration of story

Our Goal: To involve as many Cambridge community members as possible in the experience of telling and listening to stories.  Storytelling is a powerful means of education, entertainment, connection, and cultural understanding.
StoryStream Cambridge is a collaborative created by many Cambridge organizations, agencies and individuals committed to promoting storytelling for all residents of the city of Cambridge and to applying the power of storytelling to strengthen education, social services, and cross-cultural understanding. 

Puppet and parade honoring Brother Blue 
opens the Cambridge River Festival, June 5, 2010. 
Brother Blue, StoryStream, massmouth, and Haitian stories 
were featured at the Festival.

Established in 2009 with a planning grant from the Cambridge Arts Council, StoryStream Cambridge has met with notable successes in its first year.  It has reached across the city to build an energetic advisory board representing many city agencies and organizations (see left margin). 

StoryStream has received some modest grants and has fostered a range of pilot projects among its member organizations, including
  • Training for the Literacy Ambassadors of the Agenda for Children in storytelling and in the importance of its impact on brain development in children. A curriculum has been developed for use with
     Literacy Ambassadors from the Agenda for Children
    playing a memory story game that they will be sharing 
    with immigrant families in Cambridge
    immigrant families.
  • Programming in StoryStream's pavilion tent at the Cambridge River Festival in June 2010 introduced a variety of city voices by presenting the stories of seniors, immigrants’ memory tales, a teen improv troupe, bilingual ASL/English performances, and oral history from business owners and a police superintendent.  These programs were filmed by Cambridge Community Television and are being broadcast to its 31,000 viewers.
    Ruth Hill tells stories at  River Festival 2010
  • YouthStream: Digital Stories:  Stories are being created, filmed, edited and broadcast by middle school and high school students led by media artists and staff of the Media Arts Studio of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.
  • Series of three storytelling performances of world epics at the Harvard Art Museum. A museum curator discusses artifacts that are connected to the epic prior to the storyteller’s presentation.  (Fall, 2010)
  • StoryTrades. Six gatherings, taking place throughout the city in various agencies and business locations, which will include a mini-workshop on storytelling and the opportunity for participants (adults) to tell stories in response to various themes.  Culminating performance at the Cambridge Public Library.   
Members of the Sunrise Club of East End House tell stories about growing up in East Cambridge

StoryStream Cambridge is open to all! 
We are just getting started…please join us!

For more information, please contact Daryl Mark, Director. Email: dlmark@verizon.net.