Links to online storytelling resources

A guide to hundreds of articles about the uses of storytelling published since June 2003.

An immense collection of links can be founds at Tim Sheppard's Storytelling Links for Storytellers A Storytelling Miscellany . Below are about 1/3 of the links he has listed:

  • A List Apart: A Case for Web Story-Telling

  • Bubbe's Back Porch 

  • Design as Storytelling

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Digital Storytelling - Tech-Head

  • Digital Storytelling: Is it Art?

  • IBM Research: Knowledge Socialization

  • Narrative as Landscape 

  • Rhapsody Productions - Training & Multimedia Design Through Storytelling

  • Robert McKee's Story Structure 

  • Storytelling - Passport to the 21st Century 

  • The Automatist Storytelling System

  • The Narrative Web

  • Tired of Giving In: An Experiment in Narrative Unfolding

  • Call of Story - Articles

  • Creative Campfires - Stories and Storytelling

  • Effective Storytelling - a manual for beginners

  • English Language Arts: Storytelling

  • Handbook for Storytellers

  • How to tell a Story - Mark Twain

  • Learn About Storytelling - Homeschool Learning Network

  • Making Stories Come Alive
    Public Speaking: Principles and Practice

  • Speaking and Listening: Instructional Philosophy and Teaching Suggestions

  • Storytelling Art 1

  • Storytelling Art 2

  • Storytelling FAQ

  • Storytelling Tips and Hints

  • Teaching Storytelling

  • Telling a Tale - The Call of Story

  • Ten Tips to Telling a Story

  • The Act of Dynamic Storytelling